Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext once lived in Justin Bieber’s house

Credit: David JacksonHere's an unexpected combination of people: Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext used to live in Justin Bieber's house.

In an interview with Kerrang!, Vext was asked who's the most famous person in his phone contacts. That's when he revealed his connection to the Biebs.

"I know Justin Bieber," Vext said. "We don't talk, but I worked for him a couple of years ago and would live in his house."

"That was a weird one!" he added, voicing pretty much all of our thoughts.

As for the actual answer to the Kerrang! question, Vext chose Avengers: Endgame actor Josh Brolin, aka Thanos.

"He actually just introduced the band at our Palladium show [in Los Angeles] last month," Vext said. "He's pretty famous."

Bad Wolves will release their new album N.A.T.I.O.N. on October 25.

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