Slipknot bassist VMan recalls wanting to “fill a great man’s shoes” in replacing Paul Gray

ABC/Randy HolmesSlipknot bassist Alessandro "VMan" Venturella is opening up about his approach to joining the masked metallers in place of the beloved Paul Gray.

Speaking to Music Radar, Venturella says his main goal was to "fill a great man's shoes and do him justice." The bassist joined Slipknot in 2014 following Gray's death in 2010.

"My approach isn't the same as Paul's," VMan explains. "I can't be him and never will be, every player is ultimately born different."

"That said, if you listen to Paul's note choices on 'Vermilion,' he was all over the shop and it sounded great," Venturella adds. "I wanted to try things like that."

Venturella played on Slipknot's last two records, 2014's .5: The Gray Chapter and this year's We Are Not Your Kind.

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