Scott Stapp doesn’t want “as long a gap” between albums: “I’ve always got material cooking”

Credit: Sebastian SmithOver the summer, Scott Stapp released his new solo album The Space Between the Shadows, which arrived six years after his last solo outing, Proof of Life, dropped in 2013. Before that, the Creed frontman hadn't released a solo record since his 2005 debut, The Great Divide. Going forward, though, Stapp is hoping to release new music on a more frequent basis.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Stapp says while he is currently focused on The Space Between the Shadows, he's starting to look forward to what will come next.

"I'm kinda living in the moment, and kinda living in the now," he explains. "But, to step outside that for a second, I definitely feel like I don't want there to be as long a gap anymore between records."

Right now, Stapp is on tour in Brazil and has unannounced dates scheduled throughout 2020. Once he's off the road, he hopes to get the recording process up and running again.

"The plan is that when I'm done [touring] next year, the end of next year, [I'll] take some time off with my family, and then get back in the studio," Stapp says.

He adds, "I've always got material cooking." 

The Space Between the Shadows, Stapp's third solo album, features the singles "Purpose for Pain" and "Name."

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