Skillet wants you to “live the very best version of [your] life” with latest hit single, “Legendary”

Credit: Chrissy NixThe hits keep coming for Skillet.

The band's single, "Legendary," currently occupies the number seven spot on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart, giving them their eighth top-10 track on the tally.

As "Legendary" continues to climb the charts and live up to its name, frontman John Cooper tells ABC Audio what he hopes to say with the song.

"'Legendary,' that word, is used a lot now, like, 'Oh man, this coffee's legendary!'" Cooper says. "What we mean is that it's just the best that it could possible be. And I think that's the cool message of the song."

To that end, Cooper explains that, despite its epic, arena-ready sound, "Legendary" is meant to inspire you less in a historical sense, but more in a personal one.

"Two hundred years from now, no one will know who John Cooper was, no one will know who Skillet was," Cooper says. "But what ['Legendary'] means is that I can live the very best version of my life that I want to: my goals, the things that I wanna do, who I wanna be."

He continues, "I can live that every day, and if I can do that and at least fight to live those goals every day, to me, that's what being legendary is all about."

Cooper further shares that his definition of "Legendary" involves "knowing who I am and not being embarrassed of that, shooting for those goals, and when I screw up, being man enough to admit it."

"I hope that that inspires people to make some decisions about their life about who they wanna be," he says.

"Legendary" is the lead single from Skillet's new album, Victorious. They'll launch a U.S. tour in support of the record in February.

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