Falling in Reverse premieres “Reimagined” version of “The Drug in Me Is You”

Credit: Kevin EstradaFalling in Reverse has premiered "The Drug in Me Is Reimagined," an updated version of the band's early single, "The Drug in Me Is You."

The new recording transforms the original song, the title track off Falling in Reverse's 2011 debut album, into a stark, string-laden piano ballad. You can download it now via digital outlets.

"I wanted to give the fans something special," says frontman Ronnie Radke. "This song was not made with the hope of gaining new fans -- this was made specifically for the fans that have been here from the beginning. I wanted to strip down the music to show you how raw the lyrics actually are. So you can feel the song in a completely different way."

Falling in Reverse is currently celebrating The Drug in Me Is You's recent gold-certification on The Drug in Me Is Gold tour, which continues Friday in Richmond, Virginia.

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