“Be the bad guy”: New ‘Morbius’ trailer shows Jared Leto torn by his new powers

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The final trailer for Sony Pictures' Spider-Man adjacent action film Morbius just dropped, showing Thirty Second to Mars frontman Jared Leto torn between his character's horrific vampiric super powers, and his alter-ego's dedication as a life-saving scientist.

An attempt to cure himself, and humanity, of a deadly disease, Dr. Michael Morbius's treatment gives himself all the powers of a real-life bloodsucker, and more: Flight, inhuman speed and the ability to vanish are on full display in the trailer. 

"Now, I face a choice," Morbius tells a mentor, played by Jared Harris. "To hunt and consume blood, or die."

"We all have monsters within us," Harris' character advises. "It's up to us to control it."

"What if I can't?" Morbius replies.

While his anti-hero's place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not been confirmed, the trailer shows him sharing the screen with a baddie who is part of it, Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes, was the heavy in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

"You've been given a gift," says the guy who fought Spidey as The Vulture. "It's time you let go of who you used to be, and discover who you're meant to be."

Matt Smith, plays this movie's heavy, Loxias Crown, who also partook in Morbius' treatment. He has other ideas for his life change: "Just accept who you are!" he tells him: "You're the bad guy!"

Morbius, which also stars Tyrese Gibson and Bokeem Woodbine, opens April 1.

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Heather Graham admits she’d never heard of Machine Gun Kelly before working with him on ‘The Last Son’

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In the new Western movie The Last Son, Heather Graham plays the onscreen mom of an actor named Colson Baker -- better known as musician Machine Gun Kelly.

"Better known," that is, to people other than Heather Graham. 

"It's funny because I actually didn't know who he was, to be honest," the Boogie Nights and Swingers veteran admits to ABC Audio with a laugh. "I mean, my friend's kids know who he is."

In the period piece, Graham plays a "working lady" who is desperate to save her children from their father, a grizzled gunslinger, played by Avatar's Sam Worthington, who is hunting his offspring because of a prophecy that one of them would kill him.

Graham explains that for a newcomer, MGK has some big-screen chops. "I think, you know, he's very raw. Like, I like that he doesn't because some actors are kind of 'actor-y.' And I like that he just has raw talent. And I mean, I really enjoyed working with him. It was fun."

"You know, sometimes actors try to control how they come across and they're really practiced...It felt like he just like, put his heart out there," Graham goes on. "He hasn't probably had as much experience. So he just kind of put it all out there. And I kind of liked that. Actually, it was fun, just sort of just felt like real."

Graham said she felt a need to "nuture" MGK on set, seeing as they share tender moments as mother and son -- even though her bank robber of a kid is a pretty bad guy himself.

The Last Son, which also stars Thomas Jane, opens today.

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“The line between hero and villain will be broken”: Jared Leto haunts new trailer to ‘Morbius’

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Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for its pandemic-delayed Marvel movie Morbius. The creepy coming attraction pays off the trailer's tease, "The line between hero and villain will be broken."

Jared Leto stars as Dr. Michael Morbius, a brilliant doctor and biochemist who seeks an unconventional cure for the rare blood disease that afflicts him. Short version: he becomes a vampire. 

No stranger to shaping himself for a character, as he did with his Oscar-winning role in The Dallas Buyer's Club, the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman's physical shape-shift from diseased doctor to avenging anti-hero is impressive.

"I went from dying to being more alive than ever," his character says.

Enhanced with super-strength, echolocation and the ability to fly, Morbius soon finds his need to feed on human blood dovetails pretty well with the New York City's well-stocked supply of creeps.

The film exists in Sony's so-called Venom-verse: The shared universe is acknowledged when a cop mentions "that thing in San Francisco," where Tom Hardy's movies are set, and when Morbius easily defends himself against a knife-wielding thug.

"Who are you, man!" the subdued baddie asks.

"I am Venom," Leto says, flashing his vampire visage for a moment, before reverting to his human face. "I'm just kidding," he smiles, "I'm Dr. Michael Morbius, at your service." 

Morbius, which also stars Oscar winner Michael Keaton, Emmy winner Jared Harris, and Tyrese Gibson as a sympathetic detective on Morbius' trail, opens January 28, 2022.

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