Fitz Dog


Originally from Southern California, after serving my country in the U.S. Army, I went on to further my education at Metropolitan State in Denver. I majored in Radio and Television Broadcasting with a minor in Journalism. My radio career  continued in Denver, with other stops along the way in Orlando, San Antonio, Milwaukee, Miami, Houston, Washington D.C., Cleveland, and Atlanta. Now after forty five years, the ride continues in Panama City Beach, FLA, and what a view…

~ Like a lot of my neighbors, I also lost everything in hurricane Michael, except my life literally. I will rebuild! 

~ Dig Tom Petty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors…Jimmy was a Floridian, Creed (my friend Scott Stapp has family in PSJ & PC), Judas Priest,  ZZ Top, FFDP, AIC, ABB, and The Red Rocker just to mention just a few, but my all-time favorite AC/DC.  

~ Favorite Movies – Braveheart, The Patriot, Gladiator.

~ Turn offs – People with full blown egos.

~ Addictions – My Dogs & Cats….all animals.

~ Favorite local hangout – The beach.

~ Best PCB memories – Going up in a T-38 out at Tyndall Air Force Base, not for the claustrophobic, or those that don’t like turbulence. Plus, the friends I’ve made along the way with the locals, especially Rockin’ Ron.

~ Figure this is my final stop on what has been a wild ride in radio, and I’m a lifelong resident of the panhandle. Proud to be a part of “Panama City’s Rock Leader” 97X.

Community involvements over the years have included:

  • Volunteering at the American Red Cross
  • Volunteering at the American Lung Association
  • Volunteering at the Salvation Army
  • Participating in  Make A Wish Foundation activities
  • Participation in St. Jude’s activities
  • Humane Society of Bay County

I welcome you to join me to be a part of all the amazing things HSBC does, and thank you for all the support for finding these guys forever homes.  Rock on, FD