Panama City Born and raised! Ian knew he would grow up entertaining people from a very very young age. With a background in theater and stand up comedy, it almost seems like either he cant turn off the entertainer part of his brain or if this is truly who he is. Always trying to turn everything into a joke or some stupid dad joke joke or bad pun.
He’s usually found out on any given night finding a karaoke bar or open mic night. Seriously, is there anything he does that doesnt require him to have a microphone in his hand? Well yes actually. Odds are he’s seen more movies than you and your loved ones combined. Because of this, he is constantly trying to insert his unasked for movie opinions into any conversation.
Video games are also about 20% of his personality. The old kind. He has an extreme fondness for nostalgia. Whether it’s old video games or TV shows the world has long since forgotten and he incorporates it into his show, stand up and overall personal life.
He’s an old soul with a foul mouth, as well as an over opinionated beer drinker.