JT Mackenzie

Born in the year David Bowie was a rambling mess as a first time presenter at the Grammy’s while presenting an award to Aretha Franklin… it was after the Ziggy Stardust phase and into the Thin White Duke phase… and he later admitted that he had been “coked up”. Kids, drugs are BAD. DO NOT DO THEM.

I got my first radio gig in Junior High School, interning at a little radio station on Long Island Called WRCN, and a rock radio groupie was born. I still believe they put up with me only because I was the spitting image of Christina Applegate, better known as Kelly Bundy on “Married with Children”. And Yes, they used that to their advantage… I danced on top of the radio station van more than once in a shirt and skirt that would not fit a 4-year old.

At my High School graduation there were 4 radio station vans in the parking lot, because I was just THAT into radio… or I got around-RADIO STATIONS…. LOL!

Radio was injected into my blood and I cannot image EVER doing anything else. And Rock is by far my favorite format. I have been on the morning show of X96 in Salt Lake City, Utah and even been on the world famous KROQ in Los Angeles, California with Kevin and Bean. And probably my favorite radio stint was a brief filling in on Sixx Sense With Motley Crue’s own Nikki Sixx.

And now, you pour souls, are stuck with me daily from 10-2 here in Panama City on 97X! Hang out with me during the week, tell me your stories and I’ll tell you mine… like that one time I got invited to the Green Room with Jon Bon Jovi, which I declined. How I had a plan to be David Bowie’s 3rdf wife (With NO disrespect to Iman). There was that time Steven Tyler told me I had the greatest ass he’s ever seen, or when Mark McGrath spilled a drink on me on stage. And I may… or may not have dated a boy band member or 2. We all make mistakes.

I love the music we play… Like Imagine Dragons, 30 Seconds to Mars, Motley Crue, 9 Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, David Bowie (Which we NEED to play), Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and more… So lets chat Week days 10-2 here on 97X!