Kramer started radio in Alabama, and long ago got a job on ISLAND 106. That lasted about 6 months because at the age of 21, all he wanted to do was bang chicks and drink on the beach. That is also all he wants to do now, but that’s another story. Since then, Kramer has done radio in Tampa, Dallas, San Francisco, Detroit, Orlando, Little Rock, St. Louis, Toledo and more. After tiring of the bullsh*t weather and people in the midwest, he decided it was time to make a change. At an opportunity to come back to Panama City, he and his family jumped at the chance, and now live in Lynn Haven. Kramer’s wife is Christy, son Cash (who was named after Johnny Cash.) and two dogs, Lui and Ozzy. (Ozzy named after metal God Ozzy Osbourne.)

Kramer is an accomplished musician who originally went to College on a music scholarship to Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL.

Kramer is our afternoon guy on 97X but also does 12n to 2p on our sister talk station 101.1 NEWS TALK at 101.

He is also the host of X UNPLUGGED, which is a specialty show that airs on 97X on Sundays at 11am. Make sure to check that out here.