I grew up in San Francisco and a smaller town in the Bay Area called Pacifica, which is right on the Pacific ocean. We either had a great view, or a ton of fog.
Growing up, I preferred the rock stations out of San Jose, KSJO and KOME. I’d record my favorite songs on cassettes like everyone else, and once I got a mic, some CDs and a recorder, I’d make my own tapes with me as the DJ.
When I joined the Air Force, I tried to get into broadcasting, but the wait list was too long, so I ended up being an aircraft mechanic, and got to work on F-16s and F-15s, two of America’s most badass jets!
After eight years in Germany, I got stationed here at Tyndall. About a year before I got out of the service, I was BSing with some guy in Callaway and told him how I had always wanted to do broadcasting, but couldn’t get in to it. He told me that he heard that a pair of local radio stations were looking for part timers. The next day when I got off work, I hauled ass out to the Beach to put in my application. While filling it out, their boss came up to say hi, and to bring that to him when I was done, which I did. He briefly looked at my application, and only asked me one question: “Why do you want to do this?” My answer was simple, that I LOVE music, and whether it was rock or Top 40, it didn’t matter. He said, “Call me back Friday, and I’ll let you know when you start.” HELL YEAH! I got my foot in the door, did everything they asked me and honed my craft. It was nice two year run until new ownership took over and fired all of us. Thanks guys….we really appreciated that.
About eight months later, I caught on with Island 106, and ended up being their night DJ for six of the seven years I was with them. In January of 2001, I was promoted to Music Director, and a year later, I was promoted to Assistant Program Director. Despite the poor ownership at the time, I kept Island 106 in the top three in the ratings, number one in our target demo, and left them as the number one station in all of Panama City in 2005. It’s still one of my most proud accomplishments.
While I was with Island 106, I also worked at B97 in New Orleans for about six months in 2002-2003. At the time it was a top 50 market, and it was a LOT of fun working there. I got taught a lot of things to refine my on-air presentation, and took everything they gave me, and passed it along to our staff.
From 2005-2010 I was still behind a mic, but this time, it was in front of real people and the scenery was pretty good too. I’ll leave that up to your imagination ;). However, it’s not what I wanted to do for a career, so I went back to school for IT/Networking.
Once I got a job in IT, I quit the “live theater,” and got back into radio. There wasn’t any room for me on Island 106, so they asked if I wanted to be on 97X. That wasn’t even an issue! During my time at Island 106, I was 97X’s emergency DJ, and their boss would let me run it when he’d take vacation. I took it, and have been holding down Saturday afternoons now since January of 2010.

Here’s a little more about me:
Favorite music types: Modern Rock/Mainstream Metal, Pop, and EDM. I can even mix EDM a bit!
Favorite Foods: Pizza, Mexican, and Greek/Mediterranean.
Food I need To Stay Away From: Pizza
Favorite Beer: A good wheat beer (I lived in Germany, remember?)
Favorite Soda: Pepsi 0 Sugar
Foreign Languages? I speak ok German, and know a bunch of phrases in others.
Favorite NFL Team: 49ers – Red & Gold Til I’m Dead And Cold!
College Team: None…sorry!
Married? Yep – got me a good one too!
Kids: Yep to that too. I have enough boys to make a basketball team.
Pets: One dog. If I was home more often, I’d have more. I love animals.
Hobbies: Grabbing my wife’s butt. Encouraging my boys to do well in school. Getting some brass therapy at the County range. Researching my family on Ancestry. Tinkering with our first year 3000GT VR-4. Damaging my hearing with loud music.
Side Jobs/Businesses: Coach for Team Beachbody. I help you get through their workout programs! Certified Insanity Live and P90X Live Instructor. Hey gyms – I wanna get back into teaching again – call me! I also have a side business that helps you cut the cord and saves you a bunch of money.
Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: @GMAN97X