I grew up in San Francisco, but listened to heritage rock stations out of San Jose, and that inspired me to get into radio. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen until I was 29, but that’s a lesson in never giving up on your dreams! I started out on 103.5 & 107.9 locally in 1995. I had to leave in 1997 when we got new owners and they cleaned house. Eight months later, I got hired with Island 106, where I did nights for six of the seven years I was with them. I worked my way up to the Program Director position and we had great success. I also did side work for 97X, such as filling in for sick jocks, or doing the programming when the boss took time off. I also did some weekend work with B97 in New Orleans from 2002 to 2003, which was a great experience. 

I stepped away from radio for five years for the club scene. While doing that, I got into IT work and do that full time now. I quit the club in 2010, and have been doing weekends on 97X ever since. 

What I do during the week: IT stuff. My employer asked me not to say where. Hint: loud noises in the sky…

Married? Yes, with lots of boys. My poor wife. We met at Club La Vela!

Fun fact: I can beat mix EDM music without it sounding like a train wreck. I’m no Tiesto by any means.

Fun fact two: I teach P90X Live and Insanity Live classes at a PCB gym.

Favorite bands: Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Pop Evil, Shinedown, Skillet, and many others.