WEEKDAYS 10AM-2PM: ShortBus is a long time local and a 10 year broadcast veteran. He first got his start in the business in TV in 2003 and then joined 97X in June 2005. He’s often known as the King of Middays throughout the radio industry. With 11 years of broadcasting under his belt in the Florida Panhandle, it would be safe to call ShortBus one of the most recognizable faces in the community. Currently in his tenth year with the Rock Station, 97X, ShortBus has hosted every day-part on the station.

97X is heard all throughout the Panhandle, spanning from Pensacola to Tallahassee, all the way up into parts of south Alabama and Georgia. His broadcasting career includes many awards and recognition, including being voted one of the “Most Influential People” in the Northwest Florida area by the readers of the Panama City News Herald. And in a bizarre radio twist, ended up as a guest on the Jerry Springer show. Known for his love of all things gadgets, ShortBus is also the go to guy with his opinion on the latest releases in the tech world. He’s the type of guy to walk into an empty room and proclaim “I know you are listening!” regardless of whether he thinks anyone is actually monitoring said room.

He considers himself unique, just like everyone else, And finally, his hobbies include traveling, photography, live music, and writing. If a tank of gasoline can get him to a concert, he’s probably going to that concert. Being the veteran broadcaster that he is, he’s become a wonderful writer, and often enjoys writing in the third person. He thoroughly enjoyed writing this article that you are currently reading. Cheers!