Blink-182 says everything’s good with Lil Wayne: “He’s doing incredible”

Walt Disney Television/Paula LoboBlink-182's summer tour with Lil Wayne went through a bit of a hiccup earlier this month, when the rapper seemingly declared that he was dropping off of the bill during a July 11 stop in Bristow, Virginia. The next day, though, Wayne announced that he would not be quitting the tour.  Now, Travis Barker tells ABC Radio that everything is good.

"I think it was just an off day for him, you know what I mean?" Barker says. "We all have 'em."

"Our fans love Wayne, make no mistake," the drummer adds. "His show is insane, he's insane, he's doing incredible."

Despite that hitch, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus feels that the tour is "going great."

"We're playing all of Enema of the State for its 20th anniversary, as well as a bunch of new stuff and old stuff," Hoppus tells ABC Radio. "Travis has this insane drum gag that he does, and Lil Wayne puts on an insane show."

Playing Enema of the State in full has been especially fun for the punk trio, and Barker feels that music on the 1999 record has "aged really well."

"I wouldn't change a thing about that album," Barker says. "I love playing that set, it's so fast-paced, really high energy."

"Surprisingly, we play probably about 70 percent of that album in our normal set when we're not playing Enema," he adds. "'All the Small Things" is a banger, 'What's My Age Again?' is a banger. There's a lot of big songs for us on there." 

Blink's tour with Lil Wayne continues Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina, and will stretch into September. The band's new album, the follow-up to 2016's California, is due out September 20.

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