HELLYEAH guitarist talks band’s potential future: “I would love to be able to continue”

Credit: Will FelchThis fall, HELLYEAH will release a new album called Welcome Home, featuring the final recordings from late drummer Vinnie Paul. The band has been touring with Stone Sour's Roy Mayorga on drums, but the long-term future of HELLYEAH is uncertain.

Speaking to Metal Injection, guitarist Christian Brady says that, while he's not exactly sure what's next for HELLEAH, he'd "love to be able to continue" the group.

"Everything feels really good right now to be playing together again," Brady explains. "We're excited to be out here doing this and supporting this record and honoring our brother."

"I think that's something that we're gonna have to try to feel out as we go along and see where we're at when we're done with this record cycle and see what everybody is feeling," he continues.

Brady adds, that, naturally, "a lot of emotions [are] involved" with any decisions about the future.

"I personally think that I would love to be able to continue on because I couldn't imagine not playing with these guys and making the music we make," he explains. "Obviously Vinnie was such a big part of that. There's a lot to that."

Currently, Brady says he and his band mates are taking everything "day-by-day."

"We're doing this tour and we're going to support this record and celebrate Vinnie and his legacy," he adds. "And I think that's something we'll probably really address as we get further down the road and see where everybody's heads are at."

Welcome Home will be released September 27. HELLYEAH will play at least one show in 2020: They're on the lineup for February's ShipRocked concert cruise.

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